A Woman’s Body Language- Signs She’s Attracted to You




Often times men are completely clueless when trying to decide if a woman is interested or not.  While women are pretty subtle, they do give men several clues about their feelings.  You just have to know what you’re looking for and what they mean.  Below are the top signs she’ll give you if she’s interested.


  • Turning her body towards you.  This is pretty self explanatory.  If she’s interested she’ll turn at least part of her body towards you. 


  • Leaning in to talk or whispering.  This shows that she wants to be closer to you.  Talking gives her an excuse to lean closer.  If she whispers a secret in your ear, that’s a very intimate act.  You can be pretty sure she’s interested in you.


  • Frequent eye contact.  If she’s interested, she won’t be able to stop looking at you.  If she’s shy, she may glance away when she knows you see her.  Otherwise, she’ll probably hold the eye contact for an extended period before looking away. 


  • Laughing and smiling.  This is a big sign.  Of course, she could just be an incredibly happy person, so look for other signs as well.


  • Touching you.  Touching is very pretty intimate.  If she’s interested in you, she’ll find a reason to break the touch barrier.  It might be as simple as brushing lint off of your shirt. 


  • Biting her lip.  This can be a major sign of sexual attraction or just a nervous habit.  As with laughing and smiling, pay attention to the other signs she’s giving you.


  • Touching her self.  She could stroke her leg or touch her face.  There are several different ways she could do it, but most of the time it means she’s attracted to you.


  • Grooming.  A woman’s who’s interested in a guy will start to groom herself.  She may straighten her skirt or smooth her hair.  It’s a natural instinct when she’s attracted to you.


  • Nervously fidgeting with objects.  If she seems nervous around you, it’s a good sign.  She may start to fidget with objects like her drink or keys to try and get her mind off of being so nervous.


  • Drawing attention to her self.  Women will often play up their womanly features when they’re attracted.  She may stretch to show off her breasts or rub her leg to show off her shapely thighs. 


These are just a few of the signs she might give off to show she’s interested in you.  They can be very subtle, so you need to pay close attention.  Of course, if she’s not interested, she’ll give off signs as well.  Signs you should look out for are turning away, avoiding eye contact, and crossing her arms.  You might also pay attention to her responses.  If they’re short and curt, this is a sign she’s not interested.  Paying attention to the signs will save you a lot of time and headaches trying to figure out what she’s thinking.